Peeling melons with a twist!

Efficient Melon Peeling

Fully automated melon peeling devices are often very expensive and not that efficient. TOP bv developed a tool to peel melons manually at the same speed as the expensive full automatic peeling devices, but for a fraction of the costs.

A high peeling yield, so less food waste and in combination with AMAP technology a shelf life of 1 week is possible.

Healty Snacking

Fresh cut melon is a tasty and healthy snack. With the Melonpeeler peeling a melon is made cost-efficient and very easy.

Technical Benefits

Peeling melons by hand is messy and inefficient work, while fully automated peeling machines are expensive and not that fast. The Melonpeeler peels 250-350 melons per hour, more manual that automatic, but fast, hygienic and with a high yield.

Packaging (AMAP)

Packing the peeled and cut melon in a sealed tray or cup in combination with the AMAP technology can increase the shelf life up to 1 weeks. AMAP technology adjusts the packaging to the respiration rate of the fruit inside.

More about AMAP

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TOP b.v. is an innovative service provider in the area of product development (food design), equipment and process development. The main specialism of TOP b.v. is development of new (processing) technologies and using these technologies to make new sustainable, tasty and healthy food products.

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